Rules and Regulation (Read before posting!)

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Rules and Regulation (Read before posting!)

Post  Moose on Mon Aug 11, 2008 2:06 pm

Welcome to the Twilight Zone Forums!!

First, we'd like to thank you for choosing and second, we hope you have a great time here. But in order to do so, we have a set up a brief guideline. Please read this before posting.

1. You may only make one account per person. If your other account is found, one will be deleted. Come to us if you would like to change your username.

2. Do not pretend or claim to be someone other than yourself. Impersonating a Stephenie Meyer, other celebrities or forum/board members will be a result of deletion.

3. Since this board is English based, please post only in English, so others can understand.

4. Please no funky typing like: OmG i HeArT tWiLiGhT! or evry1 iz gr8! Make sure your post is legible for everyone to read.

5. Light swearing is allowed, but do not go over board. Absolutely no racist or sexually inappropriate words and comments.

6. Stick to the topic of the thread. You may make up a new topic where ever appropriate on the site.

7. Do not post anything illegal or any type of spam. It will be removed.

8. Avatars can be no bigger than 100x100 and signatures no bigger than 500x250.

9. Do not bash on any forum members. Punishment will be served. Make sure to NICELY express your opinions on any topic. This includes bashing celebrities or anything releated to Twilight. Only light crictism please.

10. Do not spoil anything directly. Make a message of **SPOILER** if one is coming ahead.

That should be it! Thank you for you time in reading this and please take all the rules into consideration. Breakage of any of these rules intentionally will result in appropriate punishment. Now to end on a happy note, go out there and have fun!
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